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Monday, July 24, 2017

15 - 11 Favorite Albums of All Time

15. Radiohead: In Rainbows
I still remember when Radiohead first released In Rainbows. It was the fall of 2007 and it was a revolutionary moment for the music community. In fact, the event was so big, that the Press Secretary of the White House was asked to comment on its release. In Rainbows was offered at whatever price fans were willingly to pay for it. If they wanted to pay $9.99, they could. If they wanted to pay $.99, they could. This pay what you want model was further adapted by other musical acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Saul Williams. So it was really cool when In Rainbows came out, it felt like an epic event. But the best part, its one of Radiohead's best albums. Which is really saying something. Maybe even top three that they have ever done. It is my favorite for sure.

14. The Living End: The Living End
I have loved this record since my freshman year of high school. Australia's The Living End burst onto the American music scene with a mixture of punk and rockabilly that to this day I have to play at a very loud volume. It really captures a moment for me. Whenever I listen back to this record, I almost feel like I'm back in high school. I remember what that feeling was like. And that's a really cool thing for an album to be able to do. Plus it has some great songs on it. I need to find the old "The Box" cable channel and spend a $1.99 to see this music video again.

13. St. Vincent: St. Vincent
I am so happy that I was able to include this album on my list. I almost got bit by my own rules that I set for this series of postings. Thankfully this record was released in 2014 and meets all of the aforementioned rules. Which again makes me very happy because I really love it. This album made me a fan of St. Vincent. For me at least, it served as a great introduction to the art that Annie Clark (St. Vincent) produces. It is abstract, yet accessible. Additionally, she is probably the greatest guitarist I've ever seen live. She absolutely shreds!!! Birth in Reverse is a great example of her kicking ass.

12. Bloc Party: Silent Alarm
Man, this is a cool sounding record. I mean, it sounds really, really cool. Much cooler, than I will ever be. Mid-00s Britpop will always have a very special place in my heart, since it was a large component of my college soundtrack. Released in 2005, Bloc Party burst through my stereo with such great songs as: Banquet, Helicopter, Like Eating Glass, and This Modern Love. Recently, I re-listened to it, and it still sounds really, really cool.

11. Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie
The second solo Beatle album to make my all-time favorite's list comes to use from the one and only Sir Paul McCartney. I love Flaming Pie. I think it is his best solo record he has ever done. Recorded right after McCartney's participation in the Beatles' Anthology series, Flaming Pie really sounds like a Beatles album. From start to finish this is a must listen for any serious music fan. It really shows McCartney at a creative high point.

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