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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Favorite Moments from Community: Season 3

Well, here we go. My final installment of my favorite moments from Community. I had it planned perfectly, I was going to post this blog the week of Oct. 19th to consign with the season 4 premiere, but NBC had to go all NBCy and screw up my plan. Thanks NBC!!! Yet at the same time, it fits perfectly with the legend of Community. Throughout the show's entire run, it has had limited to no promotion, pulled mid-season, then put back on, and a fan base that holds out hope that the new shows will actually make it to air.

Now without further a due, my favorite moments from season 3.

Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps
One thing I have always loved about Community is that it rewards its fans who have stuck with them for their entire run. This episode is the perfect example. In season 1, Professor Slater said Beetlejuice, season 2 Britta said Beetlejuice, and finally in this episode, Annie says Beetlejuice. And sure enough Beetlejuice shows up. Much love. Not only that, Community keeps its tradition alive of awesome holiday episodes.

Remedial Chaos Theory
This episode is unbelievable. It brings into account string theory and shows seven separate timelines and what could of happened to our characters. Plus at the end of the episode we get an appearance of the evil Star Trek goatees. Always classic. This episode is a perfect example of how brilliant Community is.

Digital Estate Planning
Any child of the 80s who had an NES will get a warm fuzzy feeling watching this episode. In order to get his inheritance Pierce must beat a video game his father created. Pierce's father created this obstacle in order to shame Pierce. Yet again, this episode showcases the writers ability to show how the best in their characters.

The First Chang Dynasty
Chang. What more can you say. He is crazy and he adds some much to the show. Whether it is forcing Troy and Pierce to accompany him to the Valentine's Day dance in elegant ladies pant's suits, playing the keyitar, or creating the Changlorious bastards. This episode might be his best, he becomes the emperor of Greendale. It jumps the shark a little bit, but we the viewer are very glad they have done so.

Digital Exploration of Interior Design Part 1 & Pillows and Blankets Part 2
These two episodes are the perfect example of why Community is one of the GREATEST SHOWS EVER!!! The first time I watched these episodes, I laughed so hard, I cried for about 10mins straight, and as a result I wrote a blog about it here. Please do yourself a favor and watch these episodes. I need more people to talk to about it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bill Murray is AWESOME!!!

Today, I read this article on a buddy's Facebook page, and I am still giggling like a little school girl. Apparently whenever the movie Roadhouse is on television, Bill Murray and his brothers call Mitch Glazer husband to Kelly Lynch, star of Roadhouse. They call to inform him that: "Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now. They’re doing it. He’s throwing her against the rocks". (In Roadhouse there is an intense sex scene with Lynch and co-star Patrick Swayze.)

Apparently the Murray brothers do this every single time Roadhouse is on television. And apparently Roadhouse is on TV ALOT.  And yet they never miss an occasion, much to Lynch's dismay. Later in the article Lynch mention's that "Bill even called from Russia once to let them know". I do not know what I find funnier, the shear commitment they have made to calling every single time, or the fact at some point the Murray brothers sat down, talked about this and then decided to do this.

Point is, Bill Murray was and is a total badass. In Stripes he volunteers to be the Big Toe, in Groundhog's Day he showed us that getting lost in time could be fun. But the ultimate, he is the one, the only, PETER VENKMAN in Ghostbusters. (In all honesty though, Egon is and always will be my favorite.) So in short, I want to hang out with Bill Murray.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thought for Oct 11th

The past few nights, I have found myself remembering my dreams. This is pretty unusual for me, because I am a very heavy sleeper. Once my head hits the pillow, I am out like a light. So the remembering of my dreams have been a pretty interesting experience for me thus far. The best way for me to describe it, is I know that I am asleep and dreaming, yet I still enter the dream. I then remember what occurs.

My dreams unfortunately are nothing psychedelic or surrealist in nature. I'm not flying, encountering monsters, or seeing artists shapes and colours. In fact most of my dreams are pretty ordinary in nature. I speaking to someone I know, or I am participating in daily routines. But if there is one thing that maybe unusual in them is heightened the emotional state of the person or persons I am interacting with.

For example, one dream I had the other night was with my next door neighbor. He is in his mid-90s and is in ill health. I have known this individual my entire life, and I cannot remember a time I have seen him very angry. But in my dream, he is beyond furious. He is shouting and screaming about his health and how he is very upset he cannot do the things you used to be able to do. He ends up breaking a window in a door at his home. Which is really interesting because when I was about five, I broke a window in a door at his house.

I wonder if humans are able to sense the emotional state of others around them, and if when we are asleep we enter into a hyper-awareness. There's a few more dreams that I have had, that are similar to this situation, but I do not remember them. It is like as soon as I awake in the morning, the dreams are as clear as day. But as my day progresses, I completely forget them.

Maybe down the road I should invest in a "dream" journal and record them? There might be some type of story located in these dreams that I should write down.