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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Podcasts You Listen To

Earlier today my cousin Matt sent me an email about how he was migrating all of his podcasts subscriptions from iTunes to DownCast. While conducting this transitions, he pared down the number of podcasts he's subscribed to from 185 to 39. Additionally, he created a spreadsheet to organize his most listened to shows into particular categories. I love that he did this, and without knowing he did this, he has motivated me to organize some of my podcasts. Specifically my episodes of WireTap. I've always wanted to organize them into some sort of chronological order. But doing so will be a very large task, and that frightens me. 

Anyways, I love podcasts. The democratization of the media through the digital revolution is amazing, and allows independent audio producers, such as myself, the ability to publish our stories independently, develop an audience, and in some cases make some money. It truly is a game changer. But you know what I think would be cool addition to the podcast phenomenon? Distributing them on either a cassette tape, vinyl record, or CD. 

We all love the ease of podcasts. We subscribe to a particular shows RSS feed, and then we are guaranteed new episodes whenever one is published. But what would it be like to create almost a mix tape of podcasts that follow a common theme, topic, and guest? I think it could add an interesting element to it. Plus with the resurgence of analog technologies, it may create a cool marketing gimmick for a new program. 

Also, how cool would it be to get a podcast....on vinyl? I would spend money on that. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Random Thoughts for 4.10.18

1. I'm reading a biography on Paul McCartney by Phillip Norman. It's very good. While reading it, I had an idea. It would be neat to listen to his entire solo discography in order. Like as I'm reading the book and following his life, listening to his music in order would be following his musical life as it progressed.

2. I'm currently on my next episode of the 'Looking Glass' series. It's going to be ghost stories and the paranormal. I'm not sure how I want to organize the content. I just want to get a lot of good ghost stories.

3. I hope by working on ghost stories won't mean that I somehow get haunted by a ghost....

4. WrestleMania was a lot of fun this week. Matches were good. The storytelling was outstanding. But seven hours is way too long to watch wrestling.

5. I haven't found any new good music to listen to for awhile. It really bums me out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

'The Analog Experience'

Four months of hard work has finally come to a conclusion, as I released the 'The Analog Experience', the season 3 debut of the my podcast series "The Looking Glass". Overall, I'm very pleased with the new formatting of the series, and I think its some of the strongest audio I've ever put together. Although I think I could of done better with the narration writing, but hey there is always room for improvement. For my next episode, I want to do a story about ghosts and the paranormal. I'm in the pre-planning stage, and I'm really enjoying the topic thus far. Until then, check out the latest episode below.

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Analog Experience Update

I'm very happy right now. I think I have my final mix of the latest episode of my podcast series "The Looking Glass" completed. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's approximately 27 minutes in length, and is called "The Analog Experience".

I'm especially proud of the promo I created for this new episode as I tried something new. I ran a filter on my voice to give it an "old time radio" feel to it. I then placed my voice over into a multitrack session, and underneath my voice, placed a sound effect of record static. Thus creating the effect that I sound like a record. I really dig it. But the aspect that I love the most about the promo, is it is something outside my regular editing comfort zone. And that is what I wanted my new format to consist of. Me trying new ideas.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Analog Experience

I"m very excited!! I think I'm ready to announce the premiere date of my new and improved Looking Glass podcast. In this new episode, I explore people's emotional connection to records and analog technology as a whole. I think its coming together beautifully. I even wrote a short story about my first time in an independent record store.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Happy National Cereal Day

Happy National Cereal Day. This is the type of nonsense holiday that I can get behind. I love cereal. I eat a lot of cereal. And it is sort of the unsung hero of the breakfast world. My top five cereals:

1. Honey Nut Medley Cheerios
2. Frosted Rice Krispies
3. Frosted Flakes
4. Honey Bunches of Oats
5. Captain Crunch

Upon reviewing my list, I may be a child. LOL.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Thoughts for 2.28.18

1. First dates are like job interviews. You go in, and you ask a bunch of questions. You're nervous, and want to make sure that you come off as someone who isn't crazy. It's pretty high pressure, and I think I get some anxiety from it.

2. I love listening to William Elliott Whitmore on vinyl. I feel as though his music is made to be heard off of a record. The sound is so much richer.

3. I got tickets to Radiohead, We Are Scientist, and Punch Brothers. I'm really looking forward to all of the shows, but none as much as the Punch Brothers. They are playing Orchestra Hall, and the show should be after the release of a new album. I think Punch Brothers might be my second favorite band of all time. Only the Beatles are higher.

4. Got a new video kit at work for my department to use. I'm really excited. I think the fact that I have a complete video kit in my office will allow me to become more proficient with video production.

5. Moby has a new album out on Friday, and I'm looking forward to hear that as well. It should be a more traditional release for him, which I'm looking forward to hearing.