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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Wrestling Post
I've written a lot about professional wrestling over the pass month. It began with my WrestleMania predictions, and was soon followed up with why 1992 was a great year for the WWE. I would like to end the month of April with one more wrestling post.

I'm currently reading The Best in the World: At What I have No Idea. This is the third installment of in the autobiographical tales of Y2J Chris Jericho. Jericho's way of telling a story immediately hooked me when I read his first book A Lion's Tale. He has a great way of putting you right in the middle of the story.

Thus far it's been a quick read for me, and I got about 100 pages left to go. One of the aspects I really respect about Jericho is his multitasking skills. In addition to be an other he is: a professional wrestling (obviously), frontman to the metal band FOZZY, podcast host, former contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and star of Sharknado 3. With all of this going on, he was able to write an funny, thoughtful, and interesting tale.

I recommend anyone to read his books, if you are semi-interesting in the world of professional wrestling.

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