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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Seeing Coldplay Live

Coldplay performing at Solider Field in Chicago.
Photo Credit: Me
On Saturday July 23rd, I was able to see for the first time ever, British rock mega-stars Coldplay. It's a common joke amongst my friends is that whatever recent concert Peter has been it, it's the greatest concert he has ever seen. Well it some come as no surprise that I will say the same thing about this most recent concert.

However, this concert was different. The more I revisit it in my mind, the more I believe that it truly might be the greatest concert I have ever seen. There were so many factors that cause me to think this, but I would like to focus on three.

1. Coldplay sounded incredibly. They brought such a high energy to their performance that I quite frankly did not expect. They had 45,000+ people dancing and singing along with every song. Additionally, the band sounded like a band that has played together for 20 years. They are very comfortable in their abilities, and know they are good. I own four live records by Coldplay, and they always knew they sounded great, but the recordings never catch the energy that you experience when you see them in person. The energy added so much to the performance.

2. The visuals. Everyone in attendance was given a wristband. If you are familiar with the old comic strip Dick Tracy, and his two way communication radio wrist watch, that is exactly what these wristbands looked like. When it came time for Coldplay to hit the stage, all of the lights were turned off in Solider Field. Then the wristbands switched on, and began to flash in sync with Coldplay as they performed. For a few minutes, the wristbands were the only light in the stadium. I'ver never seen anything like it. You would of thought that wristbands may of been a distraction to the performance, but they were not. They added an element of visual stimulation that made each song a truly unique performance.

3. The weather was unreal. Before the show, there was a severe thunderstorm that caused the two opening acts to be canceled and the show almost delayed. Then about two thirds through Coldplay's set, the heavens opened up again, and poured non-stop for the next few hours. This caused the set to be cut short, but not before Coldplay was able to play one more song.

To end their set, in the pouring rain, Coldplay performed A Sky Full of Stars, which is one of their more upbeat anthems from 2014's Ghost Stories. The crowd went insane. People were dancing in the rain, as I was. I've never experienced anything like it. I feel like it may be on of the closest things I will ever come to to a perfect moment. As Coldplay played, I looked up to the heavens and watched the rain come down. I then looked around and saw nothing but smiles and pure joy for anyone who stayed to the very wet end. It's something I will never forget.

I highly recommend if you are ever interested in seeing Coldplay live to do it. It is a wonderful experience.

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