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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Album a Night in Its Entirety Part 2

Over the course of 1 week, I listened to all of these records
Two weeks ago I wrote about an experiment I was conducting where I would listen to one album a night in its entirety. The list of the records I was going to listen to were:

Moby: Animal Rights
Green Day: Dookie
Rogue Wave: Out of the Shadow
Zaz: Self-Titled
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros: Streetcore
Beck: Mutations

I completed my task within a week, and then I began to process what the experience was like, and what I took away from the experiment. Here are my findings.

The Music

  • I really liked the selection of albums I chose. They were all albums I haven't listened to in a very long time. In the case of a few of them, it had been years. 
  • Dookie is ridiculously good album. 
  • Joe Strummer's Streetcore has a very interesting sound to it. The best way to describe it, is a mix between punk and reggae.  

Attention Span

  • There were times that I was able to soley focus on the music, and then there were times where I surfed online while I listened to the music. I don't feel either one was better or worse. Although I like the idea that I was able to listen to an entire record not being distracted. BTW the record I was able to do that with was Animal Rights by Moby. I feel that part of that reason was because I am currently reading Moby's Memoir Porcelain. 
  • To expand on the whole not being distracted piece. That's currently a big deal for me because I feel like my attention span is getting smaller and smaller. So I am making a concentrated effort to focus more. 


  • I felt like I was in a better mood all last week when I conducted this little exercise. I find that if I watch too much TV or Netflix that I more easily become melancholy. Plus I felt like I accomplished something, and surprisingly it gave me some good musical ideas that I'm going to try and incorporate into my podcast the Looking Glass.
  • It was a really nice reminder of variety of music I have in my collection. Going from electronic to gypsy jazz to pop punk to punk to alternative to indie rock was a really cool experience. 
Overall, I liked this so much that I am going to try and keep it up. I have Coldplay's concert this upcoming Saturday, and to prepare for that, I've been listening to a record a night by them. Tonight's is Myolo Xyloto (I'm working backwards). It's not that bad of a record as I remember it to be. 


Matt Maldre said...

Thanks to your blog and how you speak about the importance of albums, I've been doing this with jazz albums on the train. My ride is about 30 minutes, so I can through a good chunk of an album in one ride. I originally was going to do one album per week from this list list "10 Essential Jazz Albums" Currently I'm on number 4.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

That's amazing!!! I may have to join you. I am really getting into jazz recently, thanks to Esperanza Spaulding. Do you have a favorite thus far?

Matt Maldre said...

Hmm, no favorites thus far.

Hey, a separate idea. What if your blog had a "reader requests" section where people could request you blog about certain things. Basically, it would mean I would post crazy questions to you. This came about because I do have a question for you, and I was considering how to ask it to you. Do you know of any songs that have NASA or space quotes? I've come across two songs so far; and I really like them a lot. It would be sweet to know of more. I'm building a playlist on Google Music.

Come to think of it, the Chicago Public Library has a "Ask a Librarian" feature. I'll submit my question to them too. It's not exactly a library-type question. But it's a media question, and libraries are media centers now.