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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Arrow 11:59
I literally just finished watching the latest episode of Arrow entitled 11:59. HOLY CRAP!!! What an episode!! This season of Arrow has been outstanding, and the primary reason has to be this season's villain Damien Darhk. He is a dastardly, file character.

This may sound weird, but this season of Arrow reminds me of a wrestling angle. The good guys just keep coming up short in defeating the bad guy every week. The bad guy is charismatic and down right evil. It is captivating and leaves on the edge of your seat every week. I cannot wait for Darhk to get his comeuppance. Such wonderfully done television entertainment. What an enjoyable journey it has been thus far.

If you haven't watched Arrow this season due to the lack lust third season, find it on Hulu immediately and start binge watching. You will not be disappointed.  It is a prime example of superhero storytelling at its finest.

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