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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The End of WireTap
Earlier this week, it was announced that WireTap, the first real podcast I listened to on a regular basis and my favorite, would be ending after 11 seasons. WireTap was a show that explored a wide array of philosophical and silly topics. It also integrated a flair of old school radio drama with absolutely crazy phone conversations between Jonathan and a friend or family member. And finally WireTap showed me how you could tell a truly inspiring audio story. There were many times that this show would simply leave me speechless at the end.

In fact every week, I looked forward to the WireTap download to see what the latest episode had in store for me. I knew that 85% of the time I was in store for a truly enjoyable 30 minute listening experience. I am really going to miss WireTap, but I admire how the show's producer Jonathan Goldstein is ending it. With the audience wanting more. He posted on the shows official website a video goodbye, along with a message. I've included the link here for you to read the message, and below is the goodbye video.


Matt Maldre said...

Oh man. I was just searching ebay for Wiretap archives, but then they are available for sale, per season, on iTunes.

I started listening in 2011, so now if I can just figure out what season corresponds to what year, so I can start listening from 2010 and prior.

Ahh, wikipedia to the rescue.
I can start with season 7. Well, Jonathan Goldstein now has an extra $10 in his pocket (or whatever cut he gets from a $10 album sale)

Matt Maldre said...

Before I purchase season 7 for $12, I'm wondering if I should just subscribe to Apple Music. With a subscription, I don't have to pay for the album. And if I listen to a entire season every month, then that's like a free subscription. But then again, who am I kidding? There's 25-27 episodes per season. I probably listen to a few a week. Maybe I'll just buy the season 7 (and eventually other season), then I can always have it.

Matt Maldre said...

Well now that's interesting. the iTunes webpage says it's $11.99

but when I click on the "view in itunes" button, there is no buy button on that page. There is only a play button that asks me to subscribe to Apple Music.

Matt Maldre said...

I asked on Wiretap's Facebook Page how can I buy season 7.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

That's crazy. I actually have saved all of the episodes starting back with season 5 or 6 from my podcast feed. (I just looked, I began subscribing to WireTap in 2010.) What I would like to do one day is get an episode listings, and put all the episodes I have in order.

Matt Maldre said...

Whoa! Since season five or six! Here is the listing of episodes:

Wiretap responded about not being able to buy previous seasons on iTunes: Well, really didn't respond, because they told me to ask iTunes directly about that. Which I find humorous that they aren't interested in selling their seasons on iTunes. I thought perhaps that might be part of the reason to stop doing the show--so people would need to get their Wiretap fix by purchasing the previous seasons on iTunes.