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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Too Much Consumerism?

My cousin Matt recently wrote a very interesting blog. The title of the blog is Consuming versus Creating. As the title suggests he discusses consumerism, and the nature of creating. After reading the post, I remembered a documentary I saw a few years ago called The Corporation. The documentary focuses on the history on the corporation in America. If you have not seen it, you can watch the entire documentary for free on YouTube. It’s well worth the watch. There’s a part in the documentary that talks about this very issue. Below is the video; you can find the exact part at around 20:30. It is a great reminder for me that we need to give back to the earth. We are always taking, taking, and taking from its natural resources. We need to stop consuming so much and begin to give back more to our fragile Eco-system. One of the conclusions the documentary comes to, is one that I think most would agree too. Money cannot be our ultimate goal for success. If we continue to make money the sole goal, then we are dooming ourselves. Let’s aim higher than money. Let’s set goals of education, art, music, and etc. things to strive for. Here's the trailer to the Corporation too, if you are interested.


Matt Maldre said...

I haven't watched the documentary yet, but the giving back to the earth is an interesting take. I was thinking about what I give back to society. But giving back to the earth is a good idea too!

Matt Maldre said...

I have no idea how I was able to get the captcha correct on my first try.

Peter Kreten said...

You succeed!!! :-) But check out the documentary, I think you may enjoy it a lot. It's long though, about 2.5 hours