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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Audio Journaling During COVID-19

My Wonderful Audio Recorder
I decided to keep an audio journal during the Coronavirus outbreak.  I don't know yet what I'll do with the audio. I don't even know if I'm going to publish it. But I think it'll be an incredible artifact to have of what my life was like during this historical event, and have my real time thoughts and feelings discussed and heard. Could be something I share with my family in the future.

Selfishly, it also give me an opportunity to get behind a microphone, and stay sharp. I recorded my first entry about an hour ago, and these are the questions I'm going to focus on for each entry:

1. Any new developments and reactions to them.
2. How am I doing physically and emotionally. How is my family doing?
3. What's the overall experience been like?
4. Any thoughts or reaction as a whole to what has been going on, or towards to developments.

I think these questions will provide fertile discussion points for my audio journal.


Matt Maldre said...

Nice idea!

As I've been doing a family diary has been very productive, I'm thinking of doing the Morning Pages, a la Julia Cameron. I don't know anything about Morning Pages other than you are supposed to hand write something completely free from every morning. I think it's three pages? I'm thinking I would just type stuff. Anything at all.

If something comes from it that is worth copying into the family diary. I'll copy it into there. If anything comes from it that I want to blog, then I'll copy it into my blog.

Maybe you'll find your recordings about this covid-19 era will be used elsewhere too!

Elizabeth said...

I think it's a great idea. I just did the same thing. I call it a podcast but really it's probably more like a journal. I just posted about it on my blog.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

That's awesome!!! Matt. I've never heard of Morning Pages. I'll have to investigate further.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

And thanks Elizabeth! Good luck with it