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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Podcasts You Listen To

Earlier today my cousin Matt sent me an email about how he was migrating all of his podcasts subscriptions from iTunes to DownCast. While conducting this transitions, he pared down the number of podcasts he's subscribed to from 185 to 39. Additionally, he created a spreadsheet to organize his most listened to shows into particular categories. I love that he did this, and without knowing he did this, he has motivated me to organize some of my podcasts. Specifically my episodes of WireTap. I've always wanted to organize them into some sort of chronological order. But doing so will be a very large task, and that frightens me. 

Anyways, I love podcasts. The democratization of the media through the digital revolution is amazing, and allows independent audio producers, such as myself, the ability to publish our stories independently, develop an audience, and in some cases make some money. It truly is a game changer. But you know what I think would be cool addition to the podcast phenomenon? Distributing them on either a cassette tape, vinyl record, or CD. 

We all love the ease of podcasts. We subscribe to a particular shows RSS feed, and then we are guaranteed new episodes whenever one is published. But what would it be like to create almost a mix tape of podcasts that follow a common theme, topic, and guest? I think it could add an interesting element to it. Plus with the resurgence of analog technologies, it may create a cool marketing gimmick for a new program. 

Also, how cool would it be to get a podcast....on vinyl? I would spend money on that. 


Matt Maldre said...

Podcasts on cassette! They run about 50 cents to a dollar these days. The vinyl, that would be crazy. Back when I originally read this blog post, I did some quick research and found a place that will make one record for $99.

Also, you reminded me. I need to blog two things.
1. Downcast vs. iTunes.
2. The 39 podcasts I listen to.

So far, I'm digging Downcast. I haven't gone back to iTunes, nor have I missed it at all.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

That is so crazy that you found a place that would produce a record. You know, I may do that. I think it would be so freaking cool to have one of my podcasts on a record. Boss as hell.

I'm debating whether or not I should try Downcast. I really enjoy the convince of iTunes. What are some of the benefits you've encounter by using Downcast?