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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Josh Homme: 'A True Rock Star'

My friend got this close to the band.
Photo Credit: Pam Wichert.
On Cinco de May, I got to see Queens of the Stone Age. This was my second time seeing them, and man or man did they not disappoint. As I was watching their 1.5 hour plus set, something dawned on me.  Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, is a pure unadulterated Rock N' Roll star.

Let me explain. There's always been an attitude associated with rock n' roll. "Real" rock n' roll stars play by their own rules, and they exert an energy that makes them the absolute center of attention. Elvis Presley is a rock n' roll star. Mick Jagger is a rock n' roll star. Robert Plant, Mike Ness etc. They are all rock n' roll stars.

Josh Homme is cut from the same clothe as the
My friend located in the balcony of the Aragon Ballroom
Photo Credit: Kevin Kellam
aforementioned gentlemen. The way he commanded the audience's attention, played guitar while smoking a cigarette, and got into a banter match up with a fan about sleeping with his mother. He is an old-school rock and roller. I've gone to many a concerts in my day, and seen a lot of people "pretend" to be rock and rollers. There's no pretending with Homme.

Queens of the Stone Age is an amazing band to see live, if you want to have your face melted off. Below is one of my favorite Queens songs that is freakin' amazing live...

*Side note. I usually don't take pictures at concerts.

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