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Monday, April 7, 2014

The End of an Era 
Last night at WrestleMania XXX the unthinkable happened. The Undertaker and his mythical winning streak at WrestleMania came to an end by the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. Being a lifelong Undertaker fan, I was completely devastated by this loss. For so long, The Undertake has been built up as the deadman. The man who feels no pain. The man from the dark side. The one babyface that was truly unstoppable. But last night's loss reminder us that just like the man, the character is not invincible.

I am not sad anymore over the Undertaker's loss. It was a great story told. And that's the best part. For so long the Undertaker was the beast of the WWE. All who challenged him were defeated. As a fan, we just always assumed the Undertaker would be there. Well there is a new beast patrolling the WWE landscape, and that is Brock Lesnar. I am anxious to see which hero will challenge Lesnar next, and try to avenge the Undertaker's defeat. What will be the new stories told?

Watching WrestleMania XXX live was beyond amazing. Witnessing 75,000 people hushed with Lesnar's victory might be one of the greatest WrestleMania moments ever. It was absolutely amazing. But what made WrestleMania XXX so special were the stories told. I've always maintained that at its core, professional wrestling is nothing more than opera.

Performed in front of millions on a weekly basis, the WWE tells stories that take the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions. They surprise you. They anger you. They ultimately give you hope. And that's exactly what happened last night. From the end of the streak, to John Cena facing his demons, to the underdog Daniel Bryan emerging victorious, it was a night to remember. 

WrestleMania XXX will go down as one of the greatest WrestleManias ever. Thank you WWE for the wild ride, and the stories told. And thank you to the Undertaker. The greatest wrestler of all time! If last night was truly his last match, he has given us a legacy that will never be duplicated.


Matt Maldre said...

I bet WWE was asking themselves: which is bigger? Undertaker or Wrestlemania. Thus came the answer with this match.

Peter Kreten said...

It was a moment to say the least. Plus it sounds like this was Undertaker's last match too.

Matt Maldre said...

I know there's a connection with Lesnar and Mark Calaway with their MMA interests, but I don't know the sort of blood that runs through that. Does Calaway respect Lesnar, and thus wanted his last match to be with him?

Peter Kreten said...

It sounds like it. Apparently Undertaker wanted to lose to Lesnar at Wrestlemania back in 2010. With Undertaker, he is at a point in his career where he can dictate what he would like to do. But being the classy guy he is, he put over Lesnar, and made him a legend.

Matt Maldre said...

Is it normal that photos of the original Raw scripts get leaked? The 18-page document for Raw April 14, 2014