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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Winning a Illinois Broadcasting Association's Silverdome Award for Veteran Matters

So this past week, I received rather some terrific news. Veteran Matters, a radio documentary series I worked on for the better part of two years, won an Illinois Broadcasting Association's Silverdome Award. We won 2nd Place in the category "Best Radio Series or Documentary in the Chicago Market". WDRV 97.1FM The Drive took 1st Place on a series about Led Zeppelin and WTMX, 101.9FM The Mix took 3rd Place for their Mix Matters Series.

Even though I found out on Tuesday that we had won this award, I still find myself at a lost for words. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would of received an award from a "Professional" awards competition. In my mind I still view myself as a college broadcaster. Maybe I still view myself like this because I still work at my college radio station. But to have your work recognized as being quality by professionals that work in the 3rd largest market in the country is truly a humbling experience. And it's a big kick in the pants too. Don't view yourself as a college broadcaster. View yourself as a broadcaster!!!

I feel rejuvenated by it.  In fact since Tuesday I've come up with a few potential ideas for radio shows that I would like to working on. One of those shows would focus on poverty and the stigma we as a society have towards poor people. It's time for me to get cracking again.

Here's the complete winners listing


Erik Maldre said...

Great work, Peter! I don't know much about the broadcasting industry, but it sounds like the college radio platform lends itself more to the opportunity and flexibility to engage in these worthwhile causes without getting caught up in the persistent drive of monetary profit.

So charge ahead! Now you can use this IBA award as a platform to further future causes.

I think it's funny that only Led Zeppelin can beat you out. It's kinda hard to take down Led Zeppelin. They ARE Led Zeppelin after all. They are travelers of both time and space.

Peter Kreten said...

Thanks for the kind words Eric!! You are absolutely right about college radio. In fact that is the element I love the most about college radio. You are able to creative, with little concern for high ratings.

I've actually had an idea to do a series about poverty, so we will see what happens. But we need to plan a day for you and Matt to come down and do a show with me.

You are right though. It is hard to take down the Led Zeppelin. I mean they do hail from the Misty Mountains, hopping all of the way.