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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Slight Comment on Flimmaking & Continuity Errors....

I don't want to be one of those people, who writes blogs about how this movie or that movie is terrible because their own personally preferences weren't met by the movie. Being creative is a difficult process in and of itself, without the Internet jumping on the writers back criticizing the smallest thing. That being said, I saw The Wolverine this past weekend, and there is one issue I have with the movie that I would like to address.

The plot of The Wolverine is a person named Yukio, whom Wolverine saved during World War II from the Nagasaki atomic bomb drop, is dying. But before he dies, he wants to give Wolverine a gift. The gift of morality. So Wolverine flies to Japan and meets Yukio, and proceeds to have a conversation with him as if he remembers him. No problem, right? Wrong!! The previous Wolverine and X-Men movies established that Wolverine does not remember his life before he received his Adamantium claws. Again, according to the continuity established by the previous movies, this would be around the 1980s/1990s.  So how does Wolverine remember saving Yukio during World War II?????

It's just a small pet peeve of mine, but when filmmakers don't watch their previous movies they inevitably make simply continuity errors. The Star Wars prequels are a prime example of not watching your previous films thus causing massive continuity errors. And the killer with The Wolverine is it is a simply fix. Just have Wolverine say something like "I don't remember you", or "Whatever you say, or even "My memory is slowly coming back or I've been here before, I think". These simply phrases would of completely solved this continuity issue.

That being said, because I don't have to have a completely negative posting, The Wolverine is a very fun movie. Solid storytelling, fun action sequences, and a great setup to the next X-Men movie. You will just need to ignore this minor continuity error.


Matt Maldre said...

I don't remember what the old X-Men movies were about. Wait, it's slowing coming back to me.

Peter Kreten said...