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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Music of 2013

We are just over three months into 2013, and already it has been a really solid year for music and new releases. Here are some of my favorite albums of 2013:

Frightened Rabbit: The Pedestrian Verse
I wrote a full review of Frightened Rabbit's latest album at which you can read here. Frightened Rabbit writes big songs. Anthems really. The music is big, boisterous and heartfelt. They are a band that is on the uprise. My favorite song off the album is called The Woodpile.

David Bowie: The Next Day
The mythical David Bowie returns with his first new album in over a decade, and it does not disappoint. I would gladly wait ten years for an album, especially when it sounds like this. Throughout his career, David Bowie has managed to stay ahead of the musical curve, yet still write songs that connect with a large audience. Very few "art" rockers can execute this as well as he does. The Next Day has this classic Bowie sound (think Bowie from the mid to late 70s), yet feels modern. My jam off this album is called (You Will) Set the World on Fire

Local Natives: Hummingbird
I'm a sucker for the indie alternative sound. And Local Natives have perfected that sound on their latest album Hummingbird. It's almost a combination of Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and Animal Collective. Funny, they all have animals in their band names? Something is going on there.


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