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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Found this Post My Cousin Did on Inspiring Art

Spudart's Inspiring Art 

I literally just finished writing about art, and I found this blog post my cousin Matt wrote about inspiring art. It is a great read for anyone looking to explore the topic of art. I particularly like the images he used in the post. Especially the shadow puppet portrait. The link is above.

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Matt Maldre said...

Ha! Hopefully most of the time you'll be able to find art posts on I sometimes veer off topic. Thanks for the link, and the blog post!

When I first read this, I thought you were referring to this post, "14 artists that inspired me in 2008" Sadly, I have not continued doing a post like that every year since.

i'm quite curious how George Lucas' Museum of Inspiring Art will be like. Today I found a post that gives more insight into what it will be:

It's refreshing to hear a fresh viewpoint on art and what inspires. I've been thinking a bunch about the Picasso show lately and how we all like Picasso because he's Picasso. But what would happen if he wasn't Picasso? What would we think of all his works then?