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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Man of Steel Trailer

Sometimes the universe just works. Last week I wrote a blog defending Superman, and this week the trailer for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel was released. To say my excitement is at a fever pitch is an understatement. This film looks incredible.

Three straight observations from the trailer:

1. The cinematography is BEAUTIFUL. I love how all of the colors are muted. (The shot of the cape blowing in the window is so simple, yet so perfect.) I almost feel like I am awake in a Norman Rockwell painting, or conscious in a dream.  It just gives this feeling of another reality. It's realism, but it is a hyper realism. All of these features give this film a very unique feel. It's not like Batman, Ironman, The Avengers, or Spiderman. Man of Steel feels like it's own universe. It feels different.

2. The score. When I heard that this new film would not be using the classic John Williams Superman theme, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. That theme song is so iconic, I just associate it with Superman. But upon hearing the score of the trailer, I have fallen in love with the music. (I really hope that it is in the finished film.) This score makes this new Superman movie feel almost mythical. Which I think is very appropriate for Superman. He is the icon, the greatest of all superheroes, he deserves this type of treatment. If you take this music away, it really effects the emotional status trailer.

3. The story. Grant it, the trailer is only 2mins long, but it feels like it is a story about the character Superman. I've read a few articles where they call it "exploring the man behind Superman". Again by focusing on the characters, you can create a story and characters which people can relate to. It can be more than just an action pack super fight. You feel for the characters. This lends to the stories being timeless. A good story is a good story no matter what decade.

If this film lives up to the trailer, I think Chris Nolan and Zak Synder have made Superman relevant to a new generation.

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