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Monday, June 20, 2016

Blog Ideas

I've been running low on ideas to write about for this blog. I really enjoy the challenge of writing, as I feel that it keeps me sharp, however over the past few weeks, ideas have been hard to come by. A few ideas that I have come up with involves the following:

1) Listening to a band/artists catalog within a set period of time, and explore impressions I get.

2) Further explore podcasting ideas. I'm currently working on a series called the Looking Glass, and I have some great ideas for episodes, but I feel like I need to expound on them. Dig further into the details of what each episode could be.

3) Maybe even a series of postings of why I found podcasts to be the most exciting media format out there?.

These are just some random ideas. I actually like each of them, and I feel like I should further explore them. Don't be afraid of longer written pieces.


Matt Maldre said...

All three posts are great ideas! Give them a shot and see which one resonates with you the most. Or perhaps you might even find that all three resonate with you.

When you say, "don't be afraid of longer written pieces", I've actually found that thinking about writing longer pieces have prevented me from blogging altogether. I've read that Google likes longer blog posts (and so does social sharing), so in my mind, I think that I have to write long. And so then I don't write anything altogether. I need to not be afraid of posting shorter items. Long items are good, but it's also good to post the quick short items too.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

That's an excellent point. I'm worried that I'm becoming somewhat lazy in my writing, and I think that writing some sort of longer piece will get me out off that rut. I too actually like all three ideas, and I think I'll utilize each of them at some point. Plus I'm a planner, so I'll have to plan it all out.