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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Radiohead Does It Again

For my 235 blog posting, I would like to focus on the awesomeness that is Radiohead. It's hard to believe but Radiohead has been together as a band for a little bit over 30 years. (Having formed in 1985.) And like a fine wine, they have simply gotten better with age. With masterpieces such as: "The Bends, Ok Computer, Kid A, and In Rainbows, in their discography, Radiohead continues to push the limits as a band.

Earlier today, Tuesday May 3rd, 2016, Radiohead released their first new single in a little over five years. Burn the Witch sees the band returning to a more alternative rock sound. For fans of In Rainbow and The Bends, such as myself, this is a very welcome return to form. (I'm sorry King of Limbs is a bad record. There I've said it.) One person on social media described Burn the Witch as "horror" music due to its sinister sounding string section, and captivating stop motion music video. I found that a rather interesting description.

One element you can never take away from Radiohead is that no matter what they do, they always get their audience thinking and talking. The video for Burn the Witch is captivating. The music is breathtaking. If the rest of the album sounds anything like this single, I seriously believe we have a new contender for Record of the Year. Having seen David Bowie release his last ever record to Esperanza Spalding's breakout Emily's D+ Evolution, 2016 is shaping up to be a pretty great year in music releases.

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