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Sunday, November 29, 2015

More George Orwell Essays

Earlier this year, I read an excellent anthology of essays by the legendary writer George Orwell. The title of the anthology that I read was: Books Vs. Cigarettes. The collection contained Orwell's thoughts on literature, is there such of thing as having too many books, and second hand bookstores. It was my first time reading his essays, and I must say I really enjoyed it. Though I didn't always agree with his conclusions, I loved reading his logic behind his conclusions, and the volume got me thinking on a great many things.

So I while I was Christmas shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend, I found another volume of Orwell's essay writing entitled: All Art is Propaganda. It is a larger anthology of his essay writing, and it appears to cover a wide range of topics. But the item that really caught my attention was the cover. I love cover artwork. It's really an eye grabbing, and it aided me in my decision to buy the volume. So for now at least, Orwell is correct. Art is Propaganda. Art is what made me buy his critical essay, or what some may say, his propaganda. A little self fulfilling maybe...

I cannot wait to start reading it. 

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Matt Maldre said...

Nice find! I'm looking for a free PDF/Text/ePub version of this. Shouldn't Orwell's essays all be in public domain now? Maybe I have my years mixed up. Who profits off George Orwell now? Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is the publisher. Seems like Orwell is an author that is so tied into the fabric of our society that his books would be free now.