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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ghostbusters II: Soundtrack Found on Cassette

I recently unearthed an old cassette tape I made when I was in eighth grade. It is the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies, Ghostbusters II. It is a great representation of late 80's goodness. Majority of the soundtrack is done by Bobbie Brown, and it has some very catchy songs. I am right now in the process of converting it to audio files so that I can listen to it on my iPod.

But just listening to it reminds me of how much I enjoy the Ghostbusters' universe. It is grounded in a scientific reality, but has imagination to it. When I was little, I would run around the house busting ghosts. So much fun, and the toys were pretty amazing. Additionally, Ghostbusters really lends itself well to comics. IDW is doing a monthly series that I am a big fan of.

I think it is time to take a trip down memory lane and have a screening of Ghostbusters II.


Matt Maldre said...

I recently caught Ghostbusters 2 on tv. What a great movie. Making the Statue of Liberty come alive via positively-charged slime in order to destroy Vigo the Carpathian, a seventeenth-century tyrant formerly trapped in a painting. Brilliance.

Matt Maldre said...

The entire Chicago Public Library system does not have the Ghostbusters 2 album on cassette or CD.

Peter Kreten said...

I know, it is such a great movie. Great lines too. "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow"!!! And that is nuts that the entire CPL system does not have the album. I'm now must transfer the tape to digital. Just to have a backup.