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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Good Belly Laugh

So it has been well documented here that I love the NBC show Community. It is one of the most creative comedies I have ever seen, and has provided me with some great laugh out loud moments. Then came last night. I watched the episode "Pillows and Blankets" from season 3. The episode parodies a Ken Burns' Civil War documentary and traces the pillow war between Abed's Pillowtown and Troy's Blanketsburg.

There is a scene in this episode where Abed releases his secret weapon. I cannot explain to you how hard I laughed. I completely lost it for about 10mins. Below is the scene that made me laugh so hard, but I recommend you do not watch it. To truly get that great belly laugh, you need context and thus you need to watch the entire episode. Luckily below is the link to the entire episode. But watch it quick, it is only up until 8.6.12.

Full Episode

A Great Scene

P.S. I link because I do not want to spoil anything.


Matt Maldre said...

I need to add this to my netflix.

Peter Kreten said...

Unfortunately it isn't on nextflix streaming. Hulu Plus does have it.