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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Expanding the List

Hi! June has been a very busy month. I apologize for not writing sooner. But you know life happens. I've been busy though working on my favorite 10 albums of all time list, and I must admit, it is much harder than I thought it would be.

So I actually ended up with a list that consists of 25 of my favorite albums of all time. So I think I'll expand the list and make it my favorite 25 albums of all time. Now it is time to place them in their proper order.

And since I am expanding the list, I will be making a slight change to the rules of these posting. Instead of only allowing two solo Beatles' albums, I'll now allow four in total. Each Beatle will be represented on this list.


Matt Maldre said...

Since you are more than doubling your list from 10 to 25, it makes sense that you are allowing yourself double the number of Beatle's albums from two to four.

Chi-Town Kid 83 said...

:) I could of easily had nothing but Beatles albums on this list. I have to tell you, I have some cool hidden gems too for solo Beatles.