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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I think we are seeing journalism beginning a transformation. Maybe the era of "non-opinion" based news journalism is gone. I hope it isn't because I am a firm believer that the news needs to be reported in a neutral way. However, the news commentary of a few comedians is becoming just as vital as the investigative journalism produced by Frontline, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the first. Then it was followed by The Colbert Report hosted by Stephen Colbert. And finally we have Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. (It's funny how all of these shows are interconnected too. Spin offs from the Daily Show)This past Sunday, Oliver delivered a program that meticulously dissects the "Trump White House" run. It's brilliant, and should be shown to everyone. It should be talked about in every journalism and communication class. It should be shown to anyone who will be voting in 2016.

Oliver perfectly showcases how to research a topic, base your reasoning on said research, and then presenting your findings in an incredibly entertaining manner. Simply put, it's brilliant. I wish I could be this good at my job, as Oliver is at doing his.

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