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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Tradition Continues...
Netflix has struck again, and my tradition of getting into a TV show after it has ended, continues. For the past few months, a good number of my friends had recommended to me that I would really enjoy the show "Chuck". I've finally listened to their recommendations, and they were absolutely right!

Man oh man is it excellent. The show is perfectly casted, and  features the perfect amount of action, comedy, romance, and complex storytelling. The best way I can describe the show is that it is perfect escapism. It strikes just the right amount of balance between reality and fantasy, yet keeps all of the characters grounded and relatable. For me, that's the real draw of the show, the characters. No matter what crazy/unrealistic situation the characters find themselves in, you still route for them. Mainly because they are very relatable.

As I've been watching Chuck (and that's pretty much all I've been doing the past few days) I started doing some research on the production of the show, and it's pretty interesting. It seems like the show was almost canceled on three separate occasions, but the fans banded together and should enough support that NBC decided to keep it on. Check Chuck out if you are looking for just a fun show.

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