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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two Very Cool Things

This evening I discovered a very cool PBS digital short, and received a very cool promo for the radio station I over see.

1. PBS Digital Shorts posted a video entitled "The Abandoned Railway below Philadelphia". In their quest to create more green spaces in an urban center, a group of individuals look to parts of the abandoned Philadelphia railway system as possible spaces for plants, farming, and other green usage. I think this is so cool, and I would love to see if Chicago would do something similar with their abandoned areas.

I always thought it would be cool that if an abandoned building was destroyed, and no one was going to develop it, that we could plant a garden there. Help freshen neighborhoods up, and it wouldn't just be vacant spaces.

The Abandoned Railway below Philadelphia - UNUSUAL SPACES no. 2 from PBS Digital Studios on Vimeo.

2. On WXAV we air a program entitled "Planetary Radio". Bill Nye the Science Guy is a regular contributor to the program, and earlier tonight I received this promo for WXAV. It speaks for itself.

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