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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Late Great Harold Ramis

I cannot believe that I wrote the headline above. It's still sinking in that Harold Ramis passed away this past week. His work has entertained, and has really inspired me for a majority of my life. When I was little, Ghostbusters was my absolute favorite movie, and I would run around the house dressed as Egon Spengler busting ghosts. (Ghostbusters is still my favorite movie of all time.)

As I read about his life, I am blown away by the accomplishments he quietly achieved. Movies and comedy would be a very different entities if Harold Ramis was not an active member of them. Knowing his strengths, he moved away from being in front of the camera and the center of attention, to behind the camera, writing and guiding other actors to greatness.

As I continue my career in radio, I know that I will never be an on-air personality. My strengths are behind the scenes, and helping others shine. Looking back, Harold Ramis serves as an inspiration professionally for me. His career reminds me that you can be successful behind the scenes. But it needs to be said that his professional accomplishments pale in comparison to the quality human being he was. God bless him and his family.


Matt Maldre said...

It would be cool to have a Harold Ramis Fest. To watch all the movies that he was a part of. Whether writing, acting, producing, or directing. It's would make quite a list:

Netflix should have playlists where you people can curate movies and tv shows. Then there could be a Harold Ramis playlist.

Matt Maldre said...

Did you know that Harold Ramis worked at a Chicago Public School? "I worked in [a] psych ward for about seven months, and then I moved back to Chicago and I began to substitute-teach at a public elementary school—kindergarten through sixth grade."

Imagine having him as a teacher in grade school!

Peter Kreten said...

That is a great idea Matt!! I might try and organize something here at Xavs, and make that happen. And I did not know that about his working at the CPS.

Egon as a school teacher... That would of been awesome!