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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Over this past month, I have become addicted to the television show Arrow. Thank you very much Netflix! Arrow tells the origin story of the DC comics' emerald archer, Green Arrow. Since the programs airs on the CW, I originally thought that it would be very similar to Smallville, and mainly focus on the romantic plot lines. (Causing me to stay away from the show its entire first season.) While romance still is apart of the program, it is only a very minor part. The program is much more focused on showcasing the rice history of this DC character, and creating a compelling narrative.

Now I don't want this blog to turn into what works or what doesn't work for Arrow, because as we are well aware of, there are thousands upon thousands of those articles on the internet. Instead I just want to focus on a single aspect that I think is really cool on the show, and that is the character growth. In the first season of Arrow, Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow, kills any bad guy in front of him without thinking twice. But as the show progresses, and he becomes more of a hero, he renounces murder, and works with more none lethal means.

I think it is really cool that the show introduced a particular issue in the character, and then allows the audience to see the character grow right in front of him. If you have not watched Arrow, and you are a superhero fan, I highly recommend this action filled, entertaining program.


Matt Maldre said...

Sounds promising. I just added Arrow to my netflix queue.

On a side note, the queue is now called "my list" in netflix. Why would netflix change that term? Does the general public not know what queue means? Or perhaps queue was too intimidating. A queue implies that all these movies and tv shows are waiting in line to be watched. Whereas a list is merely a list.

If I had the choice of what to name the queue / my list, i'd name it. "Stuff that sounds cool to watch, but it might take me years to finally getting around to watching it"

Matt Maldre said...

I expanded my thoughts about queue vs my list on a blog post at