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Saturday, August 31, 2013

First New Blog on my Brand New MacBook Pro

I am pleased to announce that I am no longer computerless. This past week, I purchased a brand new MacBook Pro. Thus far I am very pleased with my purchase. My keyboard lights up. My entire music library is now transferred over. But the feature I am most excited about is the audio input plugin. Because of this magically plug, I will be able to record my radio shows and podcasts all on a single computer.  The days of me lugging two computers around are gone.

But I must admit. I was a little sad closing my old computers up for the final time and removing their hard drives. It was on these old computers that I completed my undergraduate communications and history projects, my graduate program course work, recorded hundreds of radio shows, and listened to some great undiscovered music.  Some terrific experiences and memories. But it was time to move on and upgrade. I was beginning to lose the ability to watch videos.

So now that I'm running 100% again technology wise, it is time for me to re-embrace my blog writing. August I wrote short blogs, just to make sure I would have postings, but now I shall refocus on longer, more in depth pieces. In September I plan to write a post about Batman Returns and how it is vastly underrated, a possible new short story, and some other things. 

You've been warned.


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Arun Kumar said...

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