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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Batman is a Creeper

There have been a lot of changes to the DC Universe since it was rebooted last year with the new 52. One of the characters that has experienced the more drastic changes to its history is Superman. Superman is no longer married to Lois Lane, has quit the Daily Planet, and has become a social crusader. Very interesting so far.

But he wouldn't be a superhero without a love interest. Enter Wonder Woman. In their Justice League series, DC showcased the budding love of these two individuals. All the while Batman is watching. Click here.

WTF, why has Batman become a little creeper? Would it kill DC to make Batman a fun character again. He doesn't necessarily need to be the Adam West Batman, but does he have to be so serious all of the time. I love Batman as the dark brooding character, but it just seems over done now.


Matt Maldre said...

Here's the problem. Name one good-guy character who is more dark than Batman. There aren't any. Without anyone to take the dark crown away from Batman, he will continue to wallow in his darkness. There needs to be a dark good-guy character. I'm not saying it should be Batman. But it should be someone. And if there isn't anyone else to take that responsibility over, then Batman will continue to carry it on his shoulders.

On a separate point, I like how they are developing the Clark Kent character. I'm excited to see how he will report the news on his own website. (Especially since I work for a company that owns a large newspaper, and I regularly champion everyone to have their own blog--including journalists).

Peter Kreten said...

I agree, there does need to be a dark serious superhero character. Maybe a dark Green Arrow or Martian Manhunter could do it. Ultimately, the Batman character is the perfect character to be dark, serious, and brooding. Given his origin story, he has to be. I would love to just to have him crack a joke once. It will catch everyone off guard.

I too am very intrigued by how Clark and his own news website will play out. I really do enjoy how they have returned Superman to the social crusader character of the late 1930s. I feel like that is an aspect of his character that has not been explored for awhile. He is taking the bull by the horns trying to fix things, not waiting for bad things to happen and then fix them. Should be fun.