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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cool New Music from 2012 Thus Far

I did my radio show this morning on WXAV 88.3FM Chicago and (The name of the show is The Rockology.) The theme was great new music from 2012. So far this year has been pretty awesome with new releases. New Murder By Death, Mumford & Sons, and Local H have not disappointed. Here is a listing of some of the tunes I have been digging thus far.

1. Local H: Cold Manor, off of the new album: Hallelujah! I'm a Bum.
Just a hard rocking romper stomper of an album. Here is my favorite track of the album. Performed live in NY earlier in the year. The album does a really cool "Abbey Road" style of songs blending into one another.

2. The XX: Reunion, off of the new album: Coexit
This is a very dark, malonic album. It gradually builds upon itself as the album progresses. I especially love the Jamaican drums on the song. It really adds a nice little flare to the song. Here is a great performance of the song at the equally great KEXP in Seattle

3. Green Day: Stay the Night, off of the new album: !Uno!
This is just a fun song. It reminds of mid-90s Green Day. The days of Dookie or Nimrod. In fact I really don't know why I like this album so much, but I really do. It's just a fund album and sometimes it is important to listen to just fun music.

4. Murder By Death: I Came Around, off of the album: Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
My mind was literally blown after I finished hearing this song for the first time. It is so good. Then I heard the album, and I was equally impressed. If this album does not blow up Murder By Death, I do not know what will. It seems like they have been a band that is always on the verge of becoming very well known.

5. Bruce Springsteen: Easy Money, off of the new album: Wrecking Ball
I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the Boss until only a few years ago. (The album that hooked me was called Magic) But the more I dive into his catalog, the more I find myself enjoying it. This year he released a fantastic solo album. Especially love the use of the fiddle in this song.

6. Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait, off of the new album: Babel
Epic. That is the only way I can describe this song. If this album is half as good as this song, Mumford & Sons just became a very important band.

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