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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How We Watch TV

We are in a constant state of evolution. This is especially noticeable in our technology. Every few months, the news always reports on the new latest and greatest gadget that we need to have in order to function. But I wonder if we ever sit back and think about how this new technology alters our everyday lives. For example, Television, the way we watch TV is totally different than the way we watched it ten to fifteen years ago.

I remember as a little kid, gathering together with my family every Thursday night to watch the new episode of Seinfeld. We made the time in our schedules to gather together and watch a program together. We could not fast forward through commercials, and if we missed the new episode, we would have to wait till the summer to see the rerun. Now, we have Netflix, the Internet, and DVDs.

Currently I find myself waiting for a show’s season to be completed before I begin to watch it. I like being able to see the entire story without any interrupts and no waiting. It is on my time. At the same time my TV viewing has become more of a solitary activity. My family is not like me, and they do not wish to spend an entire day watching 30 Rock or Downton Abbey. (I don’t know why) I’m not the only one who watches TV like this either. Most of my friends do the same exact thing.

I think what my conclusion is; there is good and bad. I love the fact that I can sit and in a weekend watch an entire season of a show. Its weird to say, but it somehow focuses me. At the same time, there is something to be said about the traditional way of viewing. Gathering together with loved ones, and the entire group making time in the schedules for a group viewing activity. Ultimately I think that is what I miss the most. The gathering together of loved ones.


Spudart said...

yeah, it's funny how far we take watching tv on our own terms. Even at the gym, where there is a slight sort of gathering with tvs playing, I don't even watch the tvs, because I have MY iPhone with MY video podcasts to watch on MY terms.

Years ago I remember watching one of the first episodes of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" with a couple other strangers at the gym. We were all struck by the dramatic nature of the show.

But now I just go on my recumbant cycle machine and fire up my video podcasts.

For a little bit I was making blog posts about some of the video episodes I enjoyed. Maybe I should get back into that to have some sort of community.

Peter Kreten said...

I think that's a good idea. My podcast is now focused on tv shows.