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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rubber Soul

Have you ever awoken in the mood to listen to a particular album? It happens to me frequently actually. Yesterday morning I woke up in the mood to listen to Rubber Soul by The Beatles. Rubber Soul is the sixth studio album released by The Beatles and was released in December of 1965.

I love Rubber Soul! It has been my favorite Beatles’ album for about ten years. It is actually quiet a landmark album in my opinion. It is on Rubber Soul where much of the musical experimentation that the Beatles would be known for later in their career is foreshadowed.

*Listen to Norwegian Wood and Nowhere Man

Yet Rubber Soul has an infectious pop sound to it that any general musical fan can greatly appreciate, and would not be scared away.

*Listen to Drive My Car and You Won’t See Me

Finally it has one of the greatest songs ever written in the history of music on it, In My Life. This song perfectly captures the universal human emotions of remembrance and love. If you are not a massive Beatles fan, and are looking to find a good “starter” Beatles album, I cannot recommend this album enough. Rubber Soul is the perfect combination of pop, rock, and experimental.

*Note: Yes I did write this blog while listening to Rubber Soul.

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