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Monday, July 6, 2009

The next blog.....

So I know that in my previous blog I mentioned that I would be talking about the new Moby album and what I think the best albums of 2009 are...thus far. However I feel the need to rant on the latest Transformer movie and the utter crappiness that it is.

In 2007 the first Transformers movie hit theaters, and it was a fun summer movie to watch on the big screen. It was nothing special, like the Dark Knight, but was ok. Additional it produced an awesome Riff Trax. ( amazing website you need to check out.) Anyways so I went and saw Transformers Revenge of the Fallen this weekend and what a disappoint. The first problem I have with it is there is no dramatic tension in this film whatsoever. This film is 2 hours and 30 plus minutes long, and at no point in this film am I a little bit concerned about any of the characters or the situations that they are placed in. I really wanted to care that Optimus Prime was killed, but I just sat there and was like ok, he's dead, now Bumble Bee is the leader. Additional the name of the film is Revenge of the Fallen, the character of the Fallen is in the film a total of 30 mins and they do absolutely nothing to develop his character. This is the character that made Megatron evil, and in the first film Megatron is a son of a bitch. This guy, the Fallen nothing, just a regular robot. Secondly way too much comedic relief in this film, you have the two twin robots, Sam's roommate, Sam's parents, hell even Sam is comedic relief, and finally you have the little robot that goes after Megan Fox and eventually becomes her pet. Finally it did seem that this film was rushed. I know that Transformers isn't Shakespeare but would it kill you to have some story structure.

So there are my feelings about the film, what can you say, what can you do. I guess just pray that there will be another Chris Nolan Batman movie very very soon.

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